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Folding Huawei Mate X introduces serious video screen glitch

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Dobrável Huawei Mate X apresenta séria falha na tela em vídeo

Huawei's folding smartphone, Mate X, came up with serious screen issues in a video posted on the Internet. As the Phone Arena website points out, the way the Mate X's screen shattered resembles the problems presented by Samsung's folding phone, the Galaxy Fold.


Second generation of the company's folding handset line is expected to be demonstrated at MWC 2020, which acc …

At the moment, Huawei's distinctive smartphone is still unique to the Chinese market – and even then it's hard to find the device in stock. The device was originally planned for June 2019, but has been postponed several times to correct design flaws.

Chinese manufacturer executives even cited the unsuccessful launch of Galaxy Fold as one of the reasons for the Mate X's design review. The problem is that not even the five-month delay was enough to prevent Huawei's folding from suffering similar problems. with that of its South Korean competitor.

The video in question, which was posted by Twitter user @Samsung_News, is a reproduction of a post on the Chinese social network Weibo. In this recording, Mate X appears with a series of strange green artifacts on its screen, as well as only half of it getting really lit.

The most likely reason for this was the debris entry under the device screen. This is a more common occurrence on folding smartphones because there needs to be room for the hinge to operate and its screen to actually fold.

What doesn't help is the fact that the Huawei Mate X folds in such a way that the screen is completely unprotected and in contact with other objects. With Samsung's chosen design options, Galaxy Fold at least better protects its internal (plastic) screen. This does not eliminate reports of debris entering under the Galaxy Fold screen.

Via: Phone arena
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