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Firmware update for DJI Mavic Mini brings several optimizations

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Atualização de firmware para o DJI Mavic Mini traz várias otimizações

DJI has released its latest firmware update for the DJI Mavic Mini drone. The firmware comes with version number 01.00.0300 and offers a number of enhancements that make drone operation smoother.

DJI says it has increased flight stability, optimized performance during takeoff at high altitude and optimized control.


Site disassembled the aircraft and its control and shared process images

Update Overview

– Date: 2019.12.04
– Aircraft Firmware: v01.00.0300
– Remote Controller: v01.00.0300
– DJI Fly App iOS: v1.0.3
– DJI Fly Android App: v1.0.3

O changelog from firmware update 01.00.0300 for DJI Mavic Mini can be seen below:

– Provides greater flight stability in certain scenarios.
– Optimizes propulsion system status requests.
– Optimizes optimal performance when taking off in high altitude areas.
– Optimizes the orientation control of the aircraft.
– Optimizes gimbal control.
– Fixes an issue where some remote controllers' model numbers are not displayed correctly.

Update Notes:
– The firmware upgrade process may reset some settings to their default values, such as altitude RTH and maximum flight distance. Before upgrading to the new version, make a note of the settings and readjust them after upgrade if necessary.
– If the upgrade fails, restart the aircraft, remote controller and DJI Fly or DJI Assistant 2 for Mavic and try again.

The video below shows how to update the DJI Mavic Mini firmware:

This other video offers some insight into what this firmware update brings again:

Source: DroneDJ


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