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FinFET 12LP +, semiconductor solution focused on AI, is ready to …

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GlobalFoundries announced that its most advanced FinFET solution (Fin Field Effect Transistor or “fin field effect transistor”), 12LP +, has completed its qualification process and is ready for production. It is optimized for Artificial Intelligence (AI) training and inference applications, and its goal is to provide greater differentiation and value for designers, minimizing their development and production costs.


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With an updated standard cell library, interposer for 2.5D packets and a 0.5V Vmin SRAM bit cell that supports low latencies and efficient use of data energy between IA processors and memory, the result of this improvement in 12LP is a semiconductor solution designed specifically to meet the needs of the AI ​​market. For those unfamiliar, the first principle of FinFET technology is that inside any microchip there are billions of transistors that turn electricity into data. When a manufacturer talks about FInFET architecture, it refers to an arrangement of these transistors organized in 3D structures, through stacking.

Some features that allow the performance increase of 12LP + include a 20% improvement in logic performance at SoC level (System on Chip) and 10% in the dimensioning of the logic area.

GlobalFoundries said it plans to expand the IP validations of 12LP + to include PCIe 3/4/5 and USB 2/3 connection standards and host processors, in addition to HBM2 and 2e, DDR, LPDDR4 and GDDR6 for external memories and chip interconnections -to-chip – these aimed at designers and customers looking for chiplet architectures. Shipments of the 12LP + solution are scheduled for the second half of 2020 – we do not have exact figures so far.

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