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Farmers start wearing virtual reality glasses on cows

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Fazendeiros começam usar óculos de realidade virtual em vacas

Farmers from Moscow, Russia, began using Virtual Reality (VR) glasses on their cows. The main objective was to know if they would be calmer and if the practice would increase their milk production. To this end, some eyeglasses have been adapted for the anatomy of the animals' eyes, displaying relaxing images of beautiful and open fields with eye-catching colors.

Much research is still needed to conclude if indeed virtual reality can be used to improve the quality of life of these animals. The first independent test showed that cows wearing glasses became less anxious, but there is still no major change in the amount of milk produced.

Although the first test worked, it is still at a very basic level of research. More information on animal practice is needed, after much analysis to conclude the real long-term effects. This study should answer some questions that were asked to farmers and that have not yet been answered.

The first question is how is the psychological of these animals after the glasses are removed. This confusion of being transported from a beautiful and happy place to a harsh and ugly reality can cause them to be disturbed. This can do more harm than good, so it should not be effective later.

Another factor raised is: wouldn't it be easier to leave cows in more open fields with more abundant pastures? This would replace investment in cutting-edge technology to simulate a situation that could be real. Removing animals from confinement may be more effective in producing their milk than fictionizing an environment.

Via: Engadget
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