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Facebook decides to create its own operating system

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Facebook decide criar seu próprio sistema operacional

Facebook is planning to develop its own operating system, according to news from The Information. The motivation for social networking to create its own system would be because Facebook doesn't want to depend on Google and Android to run their augmented reality Oculus hardware. The company hired Mark Lucovsky, co-author of Microsoft's Windows NT, to develop its own system. We still don't know what the software name will be.

“We do not think we can rely on the market or competitors to ensure that market space. And then let's do it alone, "said Andrew 'Boz' Boswortho, Facebook's vice president of hardware.


For him, social networking is only recommended for those who want to have ads "thrown in front of you"

With its own operating system, Facebook would have more freedom in content production and social interaction. In addition, the network would also manage its own sponsorships and device privacy. In the past Facebook has gone through security breaches and has even been accused of selling information from its users, so we don't know how the company's privacy policy could work on its own operating system. This week another scandal involving the social network happened: data from over 267 million Facebook users were exposed on the Web.

Despite the uncertainties surrounding Facebook's privacy, the company is also increasingly investing in its promising augmented reality Oculus hardware products. The company set up a new office for the AR / VR team in Burlingame, which is 15 miles north of Facebook's main headquarters. The space can count on up to 4,000 employees, who would be dedicated to the production of gadgets. In an interview with tech site TechCrunch, Facebook said the team would move to Burlingame in the second half of 2020 to make use of its labs, prototype space and test areas. The AR / VR team will still have members in other offices in California, Washington, New York and abroad.

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