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'Essential is maintaining marriage, even without passion', says economist on relationship …

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A rapprochement between the Brazilian and Argentine governments, sealed with meetings between Chancellor Felipe Solá and Ernesto Araújo and Jair Bolsonaro, "is a marriage for convenience", but with benefits for both, economist Eduardo Crespo told Sputnik Brasil.

On Wednesday (12), the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Argentina, Felipe Solá, met with Chancellor Ernesto Araújo at Itamaraty. Then he met President Jair Bolsonaro at the Planalto Palace.

The Argentine chancellery announced that the Brazilian head of state suggested a meeting with the Argentine president, Alberto Fernández, on March 1, in Montevideo, during the inauguration of Luis Lacalle Pou in the Uruguayan presidency.

For Crespo, professor of International Political Economy at UFRJ (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro), the two governments "are looking for some form of understanding and coexistence".

Fernández and Bolsonaro exchanged barbs from the Argentine electoral campaign until after the voting result was announced. In an unusual gesture in diplomacy, the Brazilian president lamented the victory of the Peronist politician in the election.

'Too much to lose and too little to win with a fight'

"It is not love, it is a marriage for convenience, but the essential thing is to keep the marriage, even if it is not a passion. It is necessary to stop the hostilities and keep the situation calm. There is much to lose and little to gain from this. fight, "Crespo told Sputnik Brasil.

Despite the change in attitude between the two governments, the UFRJ professor thinks that "it is too early to know if this will materialize in other things, such as trade agreements".

The expert believes that the trend is for the approach to continue for pragmatic reasons and for the characteristics of the new Argentine government.

'Fernandez's figure is one of conciliation'

"Fernández's figure for Argentine politics is one of conciliation, he is not Cristina Kirchner (ex-Argentine president and current vice). Fernandez is a figure who, within Peronism, sought unity and was chosen precisely for that. He started a process of approximation with various sectors of Argentine society. I do not see how a government with this characteristic inside will have a confrontation policy outside ", he pondered.

In concrete terms, Chancellor Felipe Solá said that he asked Brazil for help in renegotiating the Argentine debt with the International Monetary Fund. During the government of Mauricio Macri, the entity made a loan to Argentina in exchange for adopting an economic adjustment policy.

IMF: 'Brazil is interested in successful renegotiation'

"Yes, there is a marriage for convenience. Brazil is interested in this renegotiation being successful for a very simple reason: Brazilian industrial exports depend a lot on the Argentine economy," he said.

Crespo admits, however, that Brazil's bargaining power in this negotiation is not great, but it could "help to put additional pressure on reaching an agreement with creditors".

"If Argentina does well in the negotiation, it will start to recover and this will have a favorable repercussion for the Brazilian economy", he predicted.

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