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Elon Musk is spotted driving Cybertruck on Malibu streets

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Elon Musk é avistado dirigindo Cybertruck nas ruas de Malibu

Cybertruck surprised during its announcement, the electric pickup equipped with highly resistant materials and state-of-the-art standalone technology has also been highlighted by its design and has already secured about $ 7.5 billion for Tesla Motors. But, you know that a product is good when the seller uses it, especially when it is a billionaire.

Elon Musk, owner and founder of Tesla Motors, was spotted driving the vehicle on a Saturday night on the streets of Malibu. The eccentric billionaire went out to dinner and was accompanied by several people, one of them, according to the TMZ website, was actor Edward Norton.

In the video above you can see Elon Musk inside Cybertruck in the parking lot as several people approach to take pictures. Musk is accompanied by attentive security guards, something important for someone in his position is that someone tries to throw a metal ball into the vehicle's glass.

Dubai police must win
Tesla's Cybertruck Booster

At the exit, the car would have punctured the red light and clearly drops a signal cone, it remains to be seen if it was the driver or autopilot who made the mistake.

Later, around 11 pm, the vehicle was spotted on the region's 405 highway.

As it is a prototype vehicle, still far from its circulation period after the mass manufacturing steps, the car could not move. It could only be in use if it was being used for testing purposes, which does not appear to be at all. In this case, being a billionaire can be an excellent license to use.

city ​​streets, Codysimms on Instagram made a photo of the car stopped in traffic

Source: TMZ


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