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Elon Musk asks for change of his Wikipedia page and is answered

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Elon Musk pede alteração de sua página na Wikipédia e é atendido

In this decade, Elon Musk has achieved great prominence in the technology world, his most varied companies, from a tunnel builder to a space agency, guarantee the entrepreneur a small fortune and also reflect his very eccentric personality. With fame, Musk won the complete kit, cash, fans and a Wikipedia page, which he recently read and went to Twitter to ask for a small change, promptly answered.

Elon Musk comments on the tweet: “I just looked at my wiki for the first time in years. It’s insane! By the way, could anyone delete the word ‘investor’? I basically make zero investments.” He continues the tweet series saying that “if Tesla and SpaceX fail, I end up failing as well. So it must be.” The defense here is that his money comes from his companies, there are not a lot of varied investments as investors usually make to have a security in case the main source of income runs out. Musk invests the idea that he invests time in what he believes and that sometimes turns into income, but much of the money ends up not leaving the company itself.

Musk considers launching trail bike from Tesla, but will not launch city motorcycles

Still, the creation of new companies and Musk’s track record show that he does have an investor streak. He was one of the first investors in DeepMind’s artificial intelligence research startup before being bought by Google’s parent company Alphabet in 2014. Musk told Vanity Fair in 2017 that he invested in DeepMind to keep an eye on AI’s progress and not on the financial return. Anyway, the fact that you don’t want to be called an investor is just another simple trait that draws on this complex and eccentric personality of billionaire Elon Musk.

Source: Elon Musk (Twitter), Wikipedia



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