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ECG function should finally reach Apple Watch in Brazil in 2020

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Função ECG deve finalmente chegar ao Apple Watch no Brasil em 2020

Apple would be finally working to bring the ECG function to Apple Watch here in Brazil as well. The feature was a major highlight during the release of Apple Watch 4, having a heavy share in product marketing, but that simply cannot be used in our country in the default setting of the watch. But according to information from MacMagazine, this should finally change by 2020.


Growth was 51% compared to same period last year

The reason for the ECG being blocked here is that the resource needs to be certified by Anvisa (National Health Surveillance Agency), as it impacts a reading related to the user's health. Apple executives reportedly met on November 6 with William Dib, Anvisa's chief executive at the time, to discuss ECG regularization terms in Brazil.

But the process, as might be expected, is not the most agile. Apple will need to comply with a number of state and local permits before it can make the appeal available nationwide. If the company meets all the requirements of effectiveness and safety, your request for regularization will be subject to an Anvisa review that may take up to 60 days.

Even with this waiting time, it is safe to speculate that we should see the feature coming to wearable on our land in the first half of 2020.

Source: MacMagazine
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