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Discoveries in Mexico reveal ancient murals painted in Teotihuacán (PHOTOS)

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Discoveries in Mexico reveal ancient murals painted in Teotihuacán (PHOTOS)

New archaeological findings reveal that the city's inhabitants had a good quality of life and, moreover, the inequality between the different social groups was lower.

Fragments of recently discovered pre-Hispanic murals around Teotihuacán, once the largest city in America, add to the evidence that ordinary people enjoyed a fairly good life, the new revelations even highlighting that inequality was lower, researchers point out. .

                    REUTERS Gustavo Graf Maldonado

Archaeologist Ruben Cabrera shows what's left of wall murals

Decorated with flowers and birds that seem to be singing, the murals evoke a paradise. The archaeological site was discovered about two miles from downtown Teotihuacán, which is a real surprise, said David Carballo, a Boston University archaeologist who discovered the colorful stucco paintings on the walls of three buildings that began to be excavated in July. this year.

"We now found that life on the outskirts was quite good," said The archaeologist.

                    REUTERS / Gustavo Graf Maldonado

Remains of murals at the archaeological site of La Ventilla in the ancient city of Teotihuacán, Mexico

The archaeological team also found other signs of wealth, including jade necklaces, a finely carved stone mask, and shells from the Mexican Pacific and Atlantic coast.

Unpublished murals point to a radically different behavior in Teotihuacán, which flourished approximately between 100 BC and 550 AD, when compared to other ancient civilizations.

                    REUTERS / Gustavo Graf Maldonado

Fragmented mural depicts a jaguar on the walls of the Courtyard of Jaguars at the La Ventilla archaeological site.

At a time when contemporary everyday life in Ancient Rome and Egypt was marked by the prevalence of a small elite over impoverished or enslaved masses, the findings indicate that the lives of most of Teotihuacán's one hundred thousand inhabitants were much better.



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