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Dell Mobile Connect App Can Mirror iOS Screen on Windows 10

by ace
Aplicativo Dell Mobile Connect consegue espelhar tela do iOS no Windows 10

Dell has announced some changes to its Mobile Connect app that will allow the app to work with iPhone systems as well. With the update, you will be able to mirror the screen, send and receive SMS messages from your PC, and make calls by connecting your iOS device to Windows 10. The change was unveiled before CES 2020, where technology companies often unveil their new products and updates. .


The device is highly durable and operates under extreme conditions.

With the change, a Windows 10 Dell notebook user will no longer need a specifically Android smartphone to mirror the device screen or transfer files. Dell is the first company to make the feature work with iPhones as well, as others can only pair Windows 10 with Android. Microsoft's Your Phone app, for example, offers almost no function when paired with an iPhone: this app cannot send or receive text.

We still don't know what type of technology Dell is using to connect both devices, as Apple devices often only work with their own devices. Dell has confirmed that it is not using AirDrop or AirPlay for the function.

The company is also launching a new service called Cinema Guide, which is what the name suggests: a movie guide. The service should be a hub including some services that do not exist as native Windows 10 applications, such as Amazon Prime Video. The Dell Cinema Guide is now available, with new Mobile Connect features coming in February and March.

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