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Cyclone Bomb leaves half of SC without Power and compromises data lines

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  • Winds wreaked havoc in Santa Catarina on June 30
  • The Cyclone bomb left more than 1.5 million consumer units in several regions of the state without electricity
  • OI optical fiber has been broken and the connection has not yet resumed

During the day June 30 Santa Catarina was affected by a Cyclone Bomb. Wind gusts exceeded 100km/h in several regions of the state, leaving destruction. More than 1.5 million consumer units registered power outages, according to CELESC(Centrais Elétricas de Santa Catarina).

The damage began in the state’s West, where winds were recorded as of 12:00 p.m. Later, around 4 pm, the capital Florianópolis, which is in the east of Santa Catarina, was also hit by the Cyclone. Other regions of the North and North Coast also recorded winds of more than 100km/h. Winds reached up to 120km/h, in the Serra region of Santa Catarina.

Cyclone Bomb leaves half of SC without Power and compromises data lines

In addition to power outages, there was a lack of signal by some telephone operators. In the west, Tim and Claro’s services were suspended for most of the afternoon of the 30th. Disruption of Oi’s optical fiber, which was still being repaired early Wednesday morning, was also recorded.

Many people are still without the services of the company, which is seeking to resume communication. In the early hours of July 1, the winds still return to the south of the state (which was not hit by the first wave of winds, being one of the few regions that were not without electricity), in addition to the entire coast of Santa Catarina. According to the meteorologist of the NSC groupLeandro Puchalski, the phenomena will not be the same. “The difference is that today (30) we had intense and fast (gusts) and the ones to come are of a smaller intensity, but should last for a few hours, until the beginning of the afternoon.”

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Winds began to be recorded by residents in the early hours of the morning, around 4:00 a.m., and in some regions they are still occurring. Many trees fell, hitting cars, houses and other properties. Many deseeds across the state have been recorded. The damage is largely material, but the Cyclone has also taken three lives.

Many residents recorded the winds and, some damage, with their smartphones. The videos were compiled by NSC and other independent media. We left some of the images below:

Via: Nsc, ND+, Nsc


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