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Congressman questions Apple and Google about foreign app links

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Congressista questiona Apple e Google sobre vínculos estrangeiros de aplicativos

US Congressman Stephen Lynch, chairman of the US Homeland Security Subcommittee, has sent letters to Google and Apple asking about requiring mobile app developers to disclose potential links abroad before making their products available to US users. Americans.

In an excerpt from the letter he says: "Congress has a responsibility to protect the privacy of US citizens and the national security of the United States, while foreign entities and governments invest in economic and technological advancement. Deliberate, complete and transparent oversight of applications furniture operated abroad promotes these goals. "

Under US law, mobile applications may collect large amounts of possibly confidential personal information with the consent of their users as a condition of service. In the United States, data that mobile users voluntarily share with apps is protected by the Fourth Amendment, which prohibits unreasonable government searches and seizures.

However, when mobile applications are owned, operated, or developed by a foreign entity, there is a risk that foreign governments may access this information regardless of whether data is stored on servers in the United States or abroad.


Measure affects foreign PCs and software used in government offices and public institutions

Recent reports suggest that foreign companies and developers may provide confidential data to their host governments about US citizens through mobile applications such as TikTok, Grindr and FaceApp, creating significant national security risks. The report notes that Tik Tok is being examined by the United States Foreign Investment Committee (CFIUS).

"Recent press reports have shed light on allegations that certain foreign companies and developers may be providing confidential data about US citizens via mobile applications to their host governments, thus creating significant national security risks. US law allows mobile applications collect large amounts of personal information about their users "- Representative Stephen F. Lynch

The report notes that ByteDance, owner of TikTok, has tried to distance its app from many of its Chinese operations following congressman's questions. Neither Apple nor Google commented on the issue. You can check the letter sent to the two companies, Apple and Google, respectively, on here and on here.

Source: Imore, lynch.house.gov
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