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Chula Vista Police (US) now use Skydio 2 drone

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Polícia de Chula Vista (EUA) passa a utilizar drone Skydio 2

Skydio 2, the drone that arrived in October of this year, surprised with its ability to follow people, dodge objects and record in high quality for just $ 1000. So much so that now he will also join the police of Chula Vista in the state of California (USA), assisting not in surveillance, but in times of emergency, after the call through 911 in the United States. The CBS 8 San Diego television news network went to the city's police department, which demonstrated how the aircraft are being used, see below.

To date, eight police officers have been properly trained and licensed by the FFA to use the drone in operations, the aircraft has been in use for four weeks. In addition to police calls, Skydio 2 is also being used in fire situations.


Specialized freestanding ships, it represents what we can expect from these aircraft in the future.

"A drone can go to places where a police officer can't go easily. With drones, we can often see if a suspect is armed, the exact description of their clothes and see exactly where they are. (…) Officers can then better focus on the tactics and issues at stake because people want help, and they want it urgently. This drone helps us do a great job every time and keeps our officers safe. "
Vern Sallee, Chula Vista Police Department

According to Vern Sallee of the Chula Vista Police Department, police officers often don't know where the bad guys got into a building, so they use the drone to check the entire perimeter, even checking a roof, which would be very laborious for a police officer. alone. In addition, Skydio 2 can penetrate complex environments without cops having to worry so much about driving and avoiding the risk of losing an investment.

Chuva Vista police started using drones in 2015 with an investment of $ 50,000, since then 130 arrests have been made with the aid of aircraft, a number that can rise with Skydio 2.

Source: CBS 8 San Diego
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