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Chinese car company uses drones to deliver car keys

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Chinese car company uses drones to deliver car keys

Chinese auto company Geely has announced that it is completing its new deliveries of cars purchased online via drones. According to Geely, since March 23, car keys have been handed over to new users via drones to ensure that no human contact is made. New owners will be able to receive car keys at the front door.

The new measure was disclosed through a press release on the Geely website, sharing its move to a completely contactless delivery option to help prevent the spread of the new Coronavirus. Because of the new pandemic, the company Geely is delivering its new car model called ICON in this new way. It is the first time that an automaker has used drones for this.


Aircraft assist in the delivery of supplies, sterilization of public environments, checking of time …

Before delivery, cars are sprayed with disinfectants, placed on the back of a truck and delivered to customers' homes. A drone is then shipped with the keys attached and transported directly to the customer. The customer is free to pick up the keys, get into the disinfected car and start driving.

Geely Auto's vice president of sales, Victor Yang, said it is their responsibility to follow up on customers' health concerns. The manufacturer is also working on the front line in Wuhan, China, helping to transport patients who need medical attention to hospitals, in case patients cannot do it themselves.

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