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Cadillac Escalade model 2021 will have 38 inch curved OLED screen

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Modelo 2021 do Cadillac Escalade terá tela OLED curva com 38 polegadas

Cadillac Escalade vehicles are known to be large and the model 2021 will keep up with this trend. According to today's announcement, one of the new features in the Cadillac Escalade 2021 model is its 38-inch curved OLED display.


Company has confirmed that it will use the wireless version of Android Auto.

Cadillac says the curved screen in the vehicle will have a pixel density twice as high as an Ultra HD (4K) TV with "perfect blacks and the widest color gamut available in the automotive industry."

The company did not specifically mention what the screen will be used for or whether we can expect to see similar screens on other models.

Cadillac's announcement confirms that the 2021 model will be officially unveiled on February 4, 2020 in Los Angeles, United States. A small teaser of the vehicle was released by the company on Twitter:

The new Cadillac's screen is not as large as the 48-inch screen on Byton's electric SUV. It is the combination of screen size, curvature and technology that the company highlights in the 2021 model.

What's interesting about Cadillac putting this screen on the new Escalade is that the vehicle is next to be equipped with the much-vaunted Super Cruise driver assistance system, which allows the driver to take his hands off the wheel while driving.

That said, it's not as if the driver will be able to watch Netflix while the vehicle takes care of everything else, as Super Cruise uses sensors on the steering wheel to make sure the driver is paying attention on the road when the feature is activated.

Source: Cadillac, The verge
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