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Broadcom Launches First 25.6 Tbps Bandwidth Network Switch

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Broadcom lança primeiro switch de rede com 25,6 Tbps de largura de banda

Broadcom launched Tomahawk 4, the industry's first 25.6Tbps bandwidth network switch. The product is built around a 7nm chip, an innovation for a market that includes cloud service providers like Google, Microsoft and Amazon.


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The Tomahawk 4 processor has 31 billion transistors, making it one of the densest Broadcom has ever released. It brings major performance improvements compared to the Tomahawk 3, which achieved 12.8Tbps bandwidth. For comparison, the Tomahawk 2 was 6.4Tbps and the original Tomahawk was 3.2Tbps.

As the TechPowerUp website points out, Broadcom achieved these inconsistent numbers by placing 512 PAM4 SerDes blocks running at 50Gbps in a unified design. The network switch is capable of supporting 64 400Gbps Ethernet ports or 256 100Gbps ports each.

Source: Broadcom

The manufacturer's promise that the Tomahawk 4 will be able to reduce the operating costs of adopting companies by 75%. This is possible because of its lower power consumption as well as because of the higher efficiency of using only one device to generate 25.6Tbps. Previously, it took multiple network switches to reach this value. In addition, all telemetry processing is performed by four ARM cores running at 1GHz.

Broadcom Launches First 25.6 Tbps Bandwidth Network SwitchSource: Broadcom

Broadcom officials say the firm's goal is to continue doubling the bandwidth of its network switches every two years. With this, they hope to move ahead of Moore's Law in the short and medium term.

Via: Toms Hardware, TechPowerUp


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