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Brazil is the fifth worst country for biometric data breaches

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O Brasil é o quinto pior país em infrações na coleta de dados biométricos

Thorough study by Comparitech, an information security company, shows Brazil among the worst countries in the world in breaches related to storage and use of biometric data. The research investigates fingerprinting in 50 countries.

The purpose of the analysis is to identify the purpose of biometric data collection, what is being used and how this information is stored. Five main areas were adopted that apply to most countries, where each was scored up to 25. High scores indicate extensive and invasive use of biometrics and / or surveillance, while a low score demonstrates better restrictions and regulations on their use and surveillance. data.

Credits: Comparitech / Reproduction

China tops the worst ranking with 24 points. Just behind comes Malaysia, Pakistan and the United States. Tied for fifth are India, Indonesia, the Philippines and Taiwan. These countries received the highest scores overall, which means, according to Comparitech, that they are showing a worrying lack of consideration for the privacy of people's biometric data. According to the methodology applied in the study, they all use biometrics in a severe and invasive manner.

At the other end, of the countries that are most concerned with the protection and privacy of the population, Ireland comes first, followed by Portugal – both with 11 points. Then comes Cyprus, the United Kingdom and Romania.

Brazil, with 18 points, is seen with “concern”. The research points out that a national database is currently being implemented in the country that will include details of more than 200 million people and the information "will be shared as widely as possible". This information includes biometric details, iris, voice and facial shape, among other biological features, which are already collected to form identification documents.

The full study with details and further information can be found at site from Comparitech.

Source: Comparitech


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