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Black Friday 2019: Check out our tips for not falling for "Black-cheat"!

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Black Friday 2019: confira nossas dicas para não cair em

We are already counting down to Black Friday 2019, which takes place this Friday, November 29th! Every year, this is the day a lot of people expect prices to go wildly to buy all sorts of products. But it is better not to go crazy and go shopping without looking at the offers, as there is a lot of "Black-fraud" too – offers that, if you go to the bottom, you find that they are pure deception.


Research conducted by Compre & Confie shows growth of 19% compared to the same period of the year …

According to the survey Promobit, platform that brings varied discounts and promotions, only 59% of the offers announced in Black Friday 2018 were true. Those interested in smartphones suffered the most – only 30% of discounts were real. For notebooks, the percentage remains low, but reached 44%.

The Procon Foundation also gave some data about November last year, and we have no big surprises. Most of the complaints at the time (34.23%) were about misleading advertisements.

So Connected World brings this article to you with some important tips not to be fooled this year! Check below what kind of things you should pay attention to in the coming days:

Paying half double? Not!

For some years now, Black Friday has been consolidated in Brazil and has become one of the most important retail dates. However, the process of "officialization" was not instantaneous and to this day we hear the nickname "Black-Fraud" out there.

Discount percentage is not synonymous with spending less!

One scheme consumers are already more familiar with and aware of is the "half the double" discount. The logic is "simple": A few weeks before Black Friday, products start to get mysteriously more expensive and on the date in question get cheaper. Make no mistake: this price drop, in fact, is just the starting price of the whole story.

To escape this, it is very important that you search the current prices of your wish list and also check the price history of the products. Discount percentage is often not synonymous with spending less, and with this data you can better see what is really worth buying.

5 apps / websites to monitor prices!

– Downloaded

– Buscapé

Black Friday 2019: Check out our tips for not falling for "Black-cheat"!

– Already quoted

Black Friday 2019: Check out our tips for not falling for "Black-cheat"!

– Zoom

Black Friday 2019: Check out our tips for not falling for "Black-cheat"!

– Price Watcher (Chrome extension and Android / iOS app)

Black Friday 2019: Check out our tips for not falling for "Black-cheat"!

Research the product – and the store!

In addition to researching your product, you need to pay attention to where you are buying. What is not lacking are smart guys creating fake stores with surreal discounts to tempt you into buying anything. After paying, the store disappears and the purchase never arrives.

If possible, give priority to known and trusted stores. You are more likely to receive a quality product (or just receive what you have purchased), and more people will be able to help you with opinions. Another thing: keep an eye out and be wary of offers that mix normally very expensive products with very low prices. Many of the scams I mentioned in the previous paragraph use this as a tool.

If you don't know the store, search the customer support sites!

If you're in doubt, be sure to check the brand / store reputation on sites like Complain here it's the consumer.gov.br. They help a lot in finding people who have had problems with shopping, brand / store reviews, etc.


Check out the list of phones to be on your radar during promotions!

Another option is to consult the Procon-SP list of suspicious online stores. Since 2011, it has had the URL of the non-recommended pages, company or responsible individual, CNPJ or CPF, and the status of the site – that is, whether it is still active or down. To make checking easier, you can install the Canbuy extension, which warns if the site is secure from the Procon database.

And last but not least, read the comments on the posts and product pages you are interested in selling, and don't click on suspicious links from WhatsApp, email, SMS or social media advertising! If you receive any, type the link directly from your browser's address bar.

Bonus: Pay attention to these details!

1. Check that the store you are accessing presents all the information required by the E-commerce Law (Decree No. 7.962 / 13) clearly: CNPJ, Company Name, address of the company headquarters, telephone and e-mail or form to contact. This data is usually in the page header or footer.

2. When entering a website, make sure that the acronym "https" is accompanied by a lock. If so, it means that the information exchange between the website and your device is encrypted, increasing the security of your data.

Black Friday 2019: Check out our tips for not falling for "Black-cheat"!

3. Be suspicious of stores that do not give you the option to pay by credit card. It is often more advantageous for criminals to apply simpler scams with slips or transfers than to steal your bank details.

4. Verify that "https" also appears on the checkout page.

5. Also be wary of calls that ask you to enter your data.

Bought already it? Not quite!


Mavic Mini has just arrived and is among the most interesting to keep an eye on

Also according to the E-commerce Law, every store must have an exchange or return policy. However, some may change their processes to Black Friday. So be aware of the fine print.

In addition, based on the Consumer Protection Code (Law No. 8,078), a company can be fined for any proven irregularity. The amount depends on the infringement, but goes from lack of warranty to late delivery.

+ Tips: be safe!

1. Write down everything that is possible during the negotiation: protocol numbers, attendant name, call time and any other information about product delays / non-deliveries.

2. Always request to record your calls. According to the SAC Law (Decree No. 6.523 / 08), the consumer has the right to make this request.

3. Phone complaints are valid, but always have something written – email sent to the company's Customer Service, conversation print, customer service complaint etc.

Are you in a hurry to receive?

One last question to consider before buying a product online this Black Friday is your rush to receive it. You can't forget that besides you, thousands of other people may be buying the same thing on the same site, and carriers aren't magic yet. As a result, delivery of these products may be compromised and take a little longer than usual (but without abuse!).

Important Files: Know Your Rights!

– Consumer Protection Code (LAW # 8,078)

– Consumer Primer – Procon

– E-commerce Law (Decree No. 7,962 / 13)

– SAC Law (Decree No. 6,523 / 08)

Now that you've taken a good look at our tips, be sure to read the other Connected World product articles to keep an eye out for this Black Friday!

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And don't miss our live stream from 7pm this Thursday (11/28/2019)!

Good shopping!

Source: Estadão, Look, Already quoted, Buscapé, zoom, Consumer.gov.br, FinanceOne, Meliuz, Jusbrasil, Techtudo
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