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Apple would be manipulating App Store ratings

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Apple estaria manipulando avaliações da App Store

Apple is being accused of manipulating app ratings in its App Store digital store. This practice would aim to increase the rank of apps to influence users to download and even buy a service or game. The information comes from the Chinese website Weibo, which suggests that bots installed on real iPhones would be doing this "service". The following image shows a "female worker manipulating App Store rankings," according to Weibo's description, and shows a girl fiddling with 50 iPhone 5Cs, all connected in cables.

Apple would be manipulating App Store ratings

The image would be possible proof that fake app reviews on the App Store are true, but there is no way to prove the veracity of the photograph. Still in the photo, we can see that more models of iPhones are connected in the room.

Other Asian sites are also publishing about Apple's possible manipulation, combining the image above with a supposed price list of valuation services. According to Tech in Asia, valuation manipulation would cost about $ 11,200 for the app is among the top ten free apps. If the developer (or Apple) wants to keep the app at the top of the ranking, the service would cost $ 65,000 per week.


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Over the past few months, the company has been accused of changing ratings on the App Store. This is because many developers have noticed that low rated apps become more prominent in the store from time to time. Apple has not yet commented on the accusation.

Via: Tecmundo Source: The verge
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