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Apple would be developing satellite to become independent of carriers

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Apple estaria desenvolvendo satélite para se tornar independente das operadoras

Apple may be working on a secret project to launch its own satellite and become independent of mobile operators. According to Bloomberg reports, the venture is still in its early stages, but the firm has already begun hiring space engineers and other experts in the field.

According to the website, the initiative is made by an "ultra-secret group" of the company and aims to deliver results within five years. Apple's satellite can be used to deliver internet connection directly to branded devices without the need for a carrier.


News was already present on Android, and company was due to present something new

According to sources, the secret team is being led by Michael Trela ​​and John Fenwick, who previously worked at Skybox Imaging. The company, which is now part of Google, specializes in satellite imaging technologies. According to Bloomberg, staff must take care of planning and execution, while satellite hardware can be provided by a third party firm.

While promising, the work done by the division is still experimental, according to Bloomberg sources, and Apple may end the initiative in the future. Still, the idea of ​​taking the internet directly to Apple-branded smartphones seems like an interesting path for Apple to follow.

Apple Maps may receive improvements with Apple's supposed satellite. Image: MacMagazine

After falling sales of iPhones, Apple began to invest heavily in its still-growing service segment. In addition to continuing to invest in Apple Music, the firm launched this year Apple TV + and even its own credit card, which guarantees discounts for users to buy branded products.

With a satellite in space, the company could end up taking power from the operators and also selling their own data plans to their customers, which should become a new source of stable income. In addition, the technology can also be used to improve company solutions that involve geolocation, such as the company map app, especially considering the experience of Skybox people.

So far, however, Apple has not commented on the matter.

Source: Bloomberg


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