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Apple VR (or AR) glasses may come with a hidden camera and removable earphones

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Óculos VR (ou AR) da Apple podem vir com câmera oculta e fones removíveis

Apple is probably developing virtual reality or augmented reality glasses (or both). We have been seeing rumors and leaks for some time now pointing to this fact, but still no official confirmation. While we are waiting for a statement from the company, we may obtain information through unofficial means such as patent registration. In recent days, the US Patent Office has published two new documents that may point to future features of Apple's VR or AR glasses: camera and hidden sensors and removable headphones.

Cameras and sensors

THE first of patents refers to a very interesting solution to hide the camera and other optical sensors from the glasses. By the way, not only the glasses, the technology could be used even in other devices if it works.

The idea, as the document describes, is to have a "window" – which could be eyeglass lenses or a cell phone display – with adjustable transparency. The sensors would then be hidden and, when necessary, an electric discharge increases the transparency of the lens, allowing its use. The patent also refers to having several layers using the feature, being able to distribute the sensors in each one according to the frequency of its use, for example.

Removable earphones

THE second patent refers to speakers that can be used as headphones directly on the headset or removed. And that offers some interesting possibilities.

First, because the document also talks about the possibility of the headset having a second set of integrated speakers, besides the removable ones. Headphones that are undocked could still work by playing sound from afar beyond what is directly on the headset, which can be used to give a surround effect or in different ways in games.

Apple VR (or AR) glasses may come with a hidden camera and removable earphones


Unconfirmed information says we're not yet close to the new apple gadgets

As always, it is good to remember to have a good deal of skepticism about this information. Such an Apple headset still has no official confirmation and, furthermore, patenting is never a sure bet of something that will actually be used. Even if the apple eventually launches the gadget, it may choose not to incorporate these technologies.

Source: Apple insider
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