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Analyst: Argentine president should follow Bolsonaro's political path to …

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Analyst: Argentine president should follow Bolsonaro's political path to ...

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11:50 13.02.2020 (updated 11:54 13.02.2020) Short URL

Commenting on the first months of the new Argentine president, international investor Mark Mobius assured that Fernández has a more orthodox fiscal policy than Macri and should adopt Bolsonaro's reforms.

Despite the close proximity to Kirchnerism, the new Argentine president would have an economic-tax policy more similar to that of the former Argentine president, Mauricio Macri, according to the former executive president of the Templeton Foundation and international investor, Mark Mobius.

"My impression is quite good, because it showed its intention to face the crisis by raising taxes in a strong orthodox policy", declared the specialist to the Infobae portal about the first months of the Fernández government.

Such orthodoxy would be clear in the tax policy of the new Argentine president.

"(Fernández's economic policy) is not very different (from Macri). He adopted Macri's policies with some changes, such as the increase in taxes," he said.

The reason for this would be Fernández's efforts to resolve the issue of the Argentine debt, taking important steps until the future legislative elections in the country.

At the same time, Mobius believes that the performance of the North American economy may be positive for the development of Latin American economies, as well as that of Argentina.

"The US economy is doing very well and this will boost Latin American economies," he said.

Following Bolsonaro

In the expert's view, both the Brazilian and Chinese economy should grow, which would be an example for the new Argentine government on which path should be taken.

"The Argentine president must follow the reforms of Bolsonaro and Trump, strengthening medium and small businesses, reducing regulations and restrictions, so that people can work," said Mobius.

Among the emerging investment markets, Mobius pointed to Brazil as one of the most attractive markets, second only to China and India.

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