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Amazon seeks people to play Lord of the Rings series orcs

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Amazon procura pessoas para interpretar orcs em série de Senhor dos Anés

Amazon is working on a $ 1 billion series in the famous Lord of the Rings universe and is apparently rushing to finish filming on the deadline as it needs people to appear as orcs in production. The information comes from the LadBible website, and says that urgent demand gives preference to people over 1.80m and under 1.52m.

According to the note, two agencies are looking for actors and there is no preference for ethnicity or other specified biotype distinction. For the series, there is also a search for "agile dancers", "redheads of all ages, shapes and sizes" and "bad-looking bikers". With these varied descriptions, the studio wants to get people as soon as possible, orcs would be extras that would appear farther from the center point in action, requiring less makeup, according to Stuff.co.nz.

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Keanu Reaves and Carrie-Anne Moss

There is no release date yet for the first season of the Amazon Lord of the Rings series and almost nothing about the story, an important detail is that it will be filmed at the same place where Peter Jackson filmed the trilogy. Also, to continue the work as soon as fans watch season one, season two is already in production, according to Deadline.

Amazon studio boss Jennifer Salke confirmed that the sequel is already being worked out, forming the necessary cast additions. However, the team should take a break about 4-5 months after the first episodes are recorded to review and assemble the work and do a higher quality control. Another production based on a classic, Matrix 4, but this takes a little longer to arrive, will be shown only in May 2021.

Source: https://www.tweaktown.com/news/68824/amazon-already-working-lord-rings-tv-series-season-2/index.html, Ladbible, deadline
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