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Amazon plans to implement emotions in Alexa wizard

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Amazon planeja implementar emoções na assistente Alexa

Amazon's engineering team has announced that it is working to enable the virtual assistant Alexa to show emotions. They seek to allow her to vary her voice intensity based on what the virtual assistant is supposed to be feeling, including things like excitement and disappointment.


The devices come in three versions that cost between $ 15 and $ 50.

With this, the idea is to make users feel more empathy with Alexa, and feel more understood by it. Basically, we try to add a layer of emotion and feeling to the interaction with an artificial intelligence – which today is neutral and cold.

According to an Amazon spokesperson, initial customer feedback indicates that overall satisfaction with the voice experience increases by 30% when Alexa responds with emotion. Today, the functionality is available to developers in the United States.

Response styles have also been implemented that are best suited for specific types of content such as news and music. The idea is to make Alexa's voice sound like news anchors when she reads news or as radio talkers when she talks about sports.

"Alexa's emotions use Neural TTS (NTTS) technology, Amazon's text-to-speech technology that enables more natural speech. For example, Alexa can respond with a happy or excited tone when a customer answers a question. correctly or wins a game. Similarly, you can make Alexa respond in an empathetic or disappointed tone when a customer asks about your team and they lost. "
Amazon Official Announcement

Via: Tech crunch Source: Amazon
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