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All Oscar nominated Visual Effects films use Nvidia Quadro

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Oscar 2020 marked the 12th consecutive year in which all films nominated for the Best Visual Effects award used Nvidia Quadro video cards to create their imaginary universes. The award went to the feature film 1917, a war epic directed by Sam Mendes and responsible for creating the longest scene using visual effects in the history of cinema.

The feature has no visual effects as obvious as those present in the other nominees and that is exactly what caught the attention of members of the Academy. In this film, CGI was used to bring together scenes recorded on different days and conditions, making the entire film appear to have a single take, with no apparent and noticeable cut by the audience.

The other films nominated in this category were Avengers: Ultimatum, The Irishman, The Lion King and Star Wars: Episode IX – The Skywalker Rise. The visual effects department teams of all these films used video cards from the Nvidia Quadro line to create scenes that would be impossible to do without computer graphics.

"For Digital Domain's work on Avengers: Endgame, we built a machine learning machine that understood Josh Brolin's (Thanos) facial movements and we taught how to transfer Josh to Thanos's face. The key to this process was in the previews of the characters' emotional performances, which were rendered realistically with Nvidia's GPU technology. We now use Nvidia RTX technology to power all of our human and ray tracing projects in real time. "
Darren Hendler, head of the Digital Humans department at Digital Domain

Source: Universal Pictures

For The Irishman, the Industrial Light & Magic team took advantage of machine learning technologies to reduce the age of Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino and Joe Pesci characters. With that, it was possible to record a story that spanned decades, but without the need for actors to wear markers on faces or helmets with cameras.

Via: Nvidia
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