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Airbus Resumes World Lead After Boeing 737 MAX Fiasco

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Airbus Resumes World Lead After Boeing 737 MAX Fiasco

In 2019, the European airline reached its shipping record, while in the early months of the year its American competitor Boeing sold twice less than the previous year.

Airbus delivered 863 aircraft in 2019, up 7.9 percent from 2018, placing the company first in the aircraft industry, second "sources close to the construction company" quoted by Reuters.

The total of 863 aircraft delivered represents a record never previously achieved by a construction company, allowing the company to resume the first position in the sector, which had been occupied by Boeing since 2011.

Forced to reduce and then halt production of its 737 MAX model, Boeing was largely outnumbered by its competitor and dismissed its latest managing director, Dennis Muilenburg, who will step down later this month.

Boeing delivered 345 aircraft in 11 months

While Airbus outpaces its own sales, Boeing announced that it delivered 345 aircraft between January and November, half of what it delivered in the first eleven months of 2018, when the US supplied 704 aircraft.

However, Airbus sales manager Christian Scherer says the company has not benefited directly from the difficulties of the 737 MAX model. Quoted In November, L'Usine Nouvelle magazine said: "To the question of whether Airbus benefits from the problems of this plane, the answer is clearly no… if the companies waiting for the 737 MAX call us, Airbus will be obliged to politely report that we cannot do much for them in the short term. "



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