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7-year-old boy is hospitalized after eating Apple AirPod

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Garoto de 7 anos é hospitalizado após comer Apple AirPod

Doctors on duty at a hospital in Dekalb County were surprised to look at the results of a 7-year-old boy's radiograph and see that an Apple AirPod was lodged in his stomach.


Apple's new wireless headsets reach the Brazilian market costing R $ 2,249.00.

The child had recently won the wireless earphones as a Christmas gift, but could not resist the temptation to put one side to his mouth when he was alone with the gadget.

According to Local 21 News, the boy's grandmother was taking care of him while his mother was working. The grandmother then heard the child choking on something and ran to take him to the hospital.

After performing tests and evaluating the best outlets for this situation, the doctors decided not to perform an invasive surgery to remove the headset.

Instead, they came to the conclusion that the best option is to let the little gadget make its way through the child's digestive system and then expel it on its own.

"Everything is fine. And, you know, in a few days they'll be on their way. [At the time] he was very nervous. He thought he would be in trouble. So, you know, we kind of made sure he was all OK." "
Kiara Stroud, mother of the child who swallowed AirPod

The 7-year-old is traumatized by the incident and is now afraid to get close to his iPhone. The reason is that he fears his smartphone will automatically pair with the AirPod in his stomach.

"[Grandma] was like, OK, so the boy just choked on his AirPod. And I was like 'what?'. I immediately, like, turned my truck around and headed back to the station. And she says, like, but we're on our way to Egleston. We're running with him to Egleston to see what was going on. "
Kiara Stroud, mother of the child who swallowed AirPod

The child's mother has stated that she will be more careful and avoid buying easy-to-swallow gadgets until the boy is old enough not to eat them.

Via: BGR, Tweak town Source: Local 21 News


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