Home Technology 465 million-year-old 'rare marine fossil' found in Spain (PHOTOS)


465 million-year-old 'rare marine fossil' found in Spain (PHOTOS)

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465 million-year-old 'rare marine fossil' found in Spain (PHOTOS)


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Paleontologists have discovered a 465 million-year-old "rare marine fossil" in the Cabañeros National Park, about 150 kilometers south of Madrid, Spain.

The discovery was made possible by the study of dozens of fragments found, which allowed "the characterization of a new genus and species of a cephalopod".

This species would have lived "on what were the marine platforms that surrounded the disappeared continent of Gondwana", informed the Spanish Ministry of Ecological Transition.

The extinct marine animal belongs to a strange type of cephalopod called intejocéridos, whose habitat was thought to be restricted to paleotropic latitudes, specifically to areas of the planet that today would correspond to Siberia and North America.

A 465 million-year-old "rare marine fossil" is discovered in Spain

A team of scientists finds in Cabañeros a "rare marine fossil" 465 million years old

It is precisely its location at an unexpected latitude that gives this discovery its special importance for the scientific community.

The new categorized species will be called Cabaneroceras aznari, and the group of collected fossil fragments will be distributed to several study and conservation centers in Spain.

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